What to pack in your hospital bag |For labor and delivery

You’re pregnant, and in a few months (or weeks) you’ll be heading to the hospital to deliver. Nothing can truly prepare you for everything that is to come, but, you can plan ahead as much as possible to avoid added anxiety. Packing your hospital bag is one of those things that you can check off your mom-to-be to do list way in advance of your due date.

If this is your first child, don’t feel left out if you don’t know what to pack in your hospital bag. The Baby Binder has tons of easy to use checklists to get it done, simply and quickly.

Pack your bag with a few key ideas in mind.

Tip 1: it’s a hospital not a hotel

You’re going to a hospital, not a two week vacation in the Bahamas. Pack the stuff you need and leave the rest. With that said, it’s still important to pack enough, just in case you have to stay at the hospital a little longer than expected.

Tip 2: pack neatly

You want to organize your bag in such a way that your support person can find items for you easily, as they will be the ones reaching for stuff when labor really gets going.

Speaking of support, ensure you have stuff packed for hubby or any support person that will be staying by your side. If the hospital allows your support person to stay overnight with you, packing for them in advance will save them leaving you to run home and gather items for themselves.

Tip 3: consolidate.

Try to fit as much, if not everything in one bag. In my case, my hospital bag wasn’t a bag at all, it was a suitcase. My suitcase had everything I needed, my husbands things to stay overnight, and a packed diaper bag with all the baby’s things. Taking a suitcase ensures everything for mom, dad and baby is all in one place. Not to mention the ease of rolling in the suitcase as opposed to struggling with lifting a heavy bag. The type of bag you choose will depend on how much or little you plan to take with you.

Tip 4: comfort.

Yea, it’s not called labor for nothing. However, taking a few items that will keep you as comfortable as possible can certainly help. This can be anything that makes you happy and keeps you as close to content as possible. Consider taking your own pillow, your favorite blanket, a favorite snack or that yummy lip balm. Bring along small items that will take you to your happy place 😊

Bonus Tip: keep important documents handy

Get a folder and keep all your important documents together. This can include your birth plan, important contact numbers, and all the information from your doctor regarding your pregnancy. Once you have your bundle of joy you can use the same folder to collect all the paperwork the hospital will give you for the baby. That way, when you get home, all your important documents are secure and organized.

With that said, its time to get down to specifics. What exactly do you need? Well as I mentioned earlier its three main categories: stuff for mom, stuff for baby, stuff for dad/support person.

📌Here’s your FREE Hospital Bag Checklist with all the details of what to pack.

Now that you have your Baby Binder Hospital Bag Checklist you can get to packing quickly and simply.

Happy Landing❣️


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