How to setup a baby registry

What’s the best part of planning for baby? Shopping! Yup, nothing beats the thrill of picking out all the the baby gear, and cute outfits for your little one to wear. But, before you run to your nearest baby store to buy everything in sight, put down the credit card and pause a sec.

If you plan on having a baby shower, or if one is being thrown in your honor then you should think about creating a baby registry first. Even if you won’t be having a formal organized event, family and friends may want to gift you items. Setting up a baby registry  will help you avoid the hassle of manually keeping track of what you already have, and what you still need for baby.

A baby registry allows you to make a complete list of everything you need, while simultaneously removing items as they are purchased whether by you, or as a gift for you.

How to create the best baby registry

1. Decide which items you wish to purchase for yourself. These may be one or two big ticket items like a crib, or travel system. Or, it may be more personal items like a breast pump. Make a list of the items you wish to buy and keep them off the registry.

2. Make two lists. Must have necessities and nice to have luxuries. There are a few key items that you definitely need. Must haves include: a place for baby to sleep, clothing and, if you’re planning to formula feed or pump, bottles and a few feeding accessories. Nice to have items include a rocker and crib mobile. While rockers come in pretty handy when mom needs to put baby down, it isn’t a must have for most persons. Also, remember to add items to your registry that will grow with baby. Don’t just think about the now, with a newborn. Consider the future with a toddler too! So onesies and bottles are needed, but so is a play yard and high chair.

3. Decide where you want to host your baby registry. There are a few options as to where you register for your gifts. One of the factors to consider is your own personal location. If you are near family and friends then registering at a local store is great. Persons can just drop by get your​ gift and bring it to your home or your baby shower. However if you live overseas away from family and friends online is the way to go. Amazon is a great option. Loved ones can purchase gifts for you online and have them shipped directly to you. Many retailers like Target, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us, all offer online registries. With most offering a variety of shipping and in store pick up options.

Once you’ve considered all these factors the only thing left to do is the fun part… create your baby registry❣️

📌Here’s your free Baby Binder Baby Registry Guide checklist. It includes a complete list of items for all baby and mommy needs (and wants). 😊

Have fun creating your baby registry!

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