How to plan the best baby shower

Baby showers are the best! Loved ones gathered together to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy. Food, gifts and an all around good time are the elements that make for a great baby shower.

The Baby Binder is here to give you the steps to plan and execute an amazing event. Nothing too over the top, just practical planning!

To keep things simple, there are three main time frames to consider: before, on the day and after. Ill highlight the important points and in include a detailed planner checklist at the end of this post.

First things first. Long before you choose date, time and location, select a host/hostess for the event. This, ideally should be someone who will welcome and keep guests comfortable at the shower, but more importantly, oversee all the planning aspects leading up to the day and after. The host/hostess can assemble a small team (or just a couple reliable persons) to help execute tasks.

On the day of the shower, helpful hands are needed. Unless the event is being run by a professional party planning service, call on friends to help with setting up the gift table, food and decor.

Once the event is over, the mom-to-be will need help transporting her gifts home and sorting and organizing them.

Overall, planning doesn’t have to be stressful.. Follow my baby shower planner and you’ll  be sure to have a fun baby shower!

📌Here’s your free Baby Binder- Baby Shower Planner.

Bonus ❇️ (You’re welcome)😊

📌FREE Baby Binder- Baby Shower Guest List Template

📌FREE Baby Binder- Baby Shower Gift/Thank You Card Tracker Template

Happy Planning❣️

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