Parents Resource Guide |Halifax, Nova Scotia Edition

The most factual saying I’ve heard about parenting is… “it takes a village to raise a child”. It literally does. But what happens if your “village” is far away? Like in another country. What if you don’t have a village at all? Suppose your village doesn’t have all the answers? That’s where the Baby Binder comes in handy!

The Baby Binder is your “mommy manual”. It’s a collection of checklists and guides to help you navigate becoming a parent.

While each week’s blog post focuses on a different topic and has a free Baby Binder Checklist download; this week is a bit more specific. For my parents in Halifax Nova Scotia, this one is for you. A parents resource guide for new moms (and dad’s) in the HRM.

As a new haligonian finding resources during my pregnancy wasnt easy. I didn’t have the friends, family or familiarity of the city. So I resorted to good old internet research. Emphasis on the search, because search I did! I searched and searched and came up empty handed. This was harder than I anticipated.

Eventually, I started to get some answers to my many questions. Where can I find a prenatal class? Are there new mom groups? What activities can I do while on maternity leave? I found answers to my questions and a whole lot more. So, I put them together to share with you!

📌Here’s you free Baby Binder Parent Resources Guide❣️

Know of a parent resource that should be on my list? Then email me at:

Remember to follow me @thebabybinder on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates. And check out my other blog posts for more free Baby Binder checklists.


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