First summer outing with baby

The weather is good so it’s time to start checking things of my summer bucket list. This year we plan to take full advantage of the sunshine and plan as many outdoor activities as possible.

This weekend we kicked things off with an out of town adventure. A quick one hour drive away to the valley. Our Canada day celebrations took us to Wolfville, Nova Scotia. More specifically, a winery tour.

We arrived at the information desk to see a british style, double decker bus parked out front. We signed in and got our passes and boarded the magic winery bus.

We were then greeted by a friendly tour guide, Jeremy who introduced us to our driver Jim.

The tour takes you to four local wineries. With the bus running on a continuous one hour loop, you have the option to stay at each vineyard for an hour or pick your favorite and spend the day. Each stop includes a complimentary glass (or two) of wine.

With baby comfortably strapped in her baby Bjorn, we managed to visit all four vineyards!

Stay tuned for pics and more info on how you can book your own wine tasting excursion!

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