Six Month Baby Photo-shoot

Hooray for half birthdays!

Wow how time flies! It feels like just yesterday that I brought a tiny newborn home. Well, cut to 26 weeks later and here we are, with a bouncing babbling 6 month old.

We made full use of the bright sunny weather and headed to The Halifax Public Gardens for an afternoon six month baby photo-shoot. Baby had a nap, was fed, and and all dressed up and ready to go. All bases covered right? We’ll sort of. It wouldn’t be as simple as point and shoot to get the pictures we had in mind.

Baby B was content, but distracted. She looked at the lush green grass in amazement. Child like wonder is what comes to mind. It didn’t even occur to us that this was her first real interaction with grass, as silly as that sounds. So there she sat on her blanket just looking around in awe. Sitting turned to crawling, and soon baby was weeding and attempting to eat all the grass her tiny little hands could grab. The six month baby photo-shoot was quickly becoming gardening 101.

We let her be, and allowed her to feed her fascination with her new discovery of grass. But we were also loosing daylight and really didn’t want a nighttime six month baby photo-shoot, so we tried to get things started.

I had taken along a mini chalkboard, bubbles and a teddy bear as props and attention grabbers to hopefully get a few smiles. We had to work fast. At six months everything is a distraction, so we really tried to capture her in her element. We threw out plans for an outfit change and just went with the flow.

Long story short, we captured a few really good moments. Smiles, laughs and a couple pics of her staring directly at the camera. Aha, success! Overall a really fun day in the park creating photos and memories that will last a lifetime.

Need tips for planning a photo-shoot for your little one, feel free to ask me for suggestions! (

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