Top 3 Gifts| For New Parents

With all the cute outfits and cool gear, buying gifts for a new baby is very exciting. While celebrating the arrival of a new bundle of joy is expected, what about the parents? That’s right, mom and dad-to-be deserve a little love too. The baby will need everything from clothes to a crib, but a gift for the new parents is a thoughtful gesture and would no doubt be greatly appreciated.

Here are my suggestions for the top three gifts for new parents. The most important thing to keep in mind is practicality. When baby gets here mom and dad will be busy taking care of their little one, so gifts should be applicable to this new chapter in their life.

The Gift of Yum

Between frequent diaper changes and feedings, new parents often forget to take care of their own needs. So a quick, easy meal is a time (and life) saver. In case you’re too far away to drop by with dinner, gift certificates to their favorite take-out restaurant means food is just a phone call away. Or, for a healthier choice, a gift card to a fresh food delivery service, in case they want to prepare their own meals.

The Gift of Style

A daddy diaper bag is fun gift to recognize the dad-to-be. There are many designs from backpacks to messenger bags. Though these modern bags may be missing the quintessential baby motifs, they are still chic enough for moms. That way either parent can still look cool toting diapers and sippy cups.

The Gift of Relaxation

A relaxing day would be ideal for any new mom. Just a moment to herself to kick back and be pampered. A spa day gift certificate would certainly check all the boxes, however many new moms don’t have the time to even leave the house. So a more practical way to get her to wind down is to give her an “at home spa” gift. A simple, yet thoughtful, gift basket should do the trick. Throw in her favorite bath wash, scented candle, bath bombs and salts, and eventually she’ll steal away a moment to soak some weariness away.


These simple gifts gives new parents one less thing to think about. I guarantee mom and dad will appreciate the fact that you thought of them. Plus, when the exhaustion of having a newborn sets in, nothing comes in more handy than a quick dinner and a bubble bath!

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