Fall Preview | Summer 17 Recap

It’s September! Huh, what? Yup. In the blink of an eye the sunny summer days are coming to an end. As usual someone flipped the weather switch and already I feel chilly. Anywho, before I start prepping for winter hibernation, I thought I’d take a look back on Summer 17.

I can honestly say the summer was well spent. It was my first summer as a mom, and I made plans to enjoy every bit of the sunshine with my little one. I started the season off by making a list (I love a good checklist❣️). I did a little research and put together my family things to do, places to go calendar of events.

We pretty much accomplished everything on our list. A few things remain, which I think we’ll get to do before it gets cold.

So here’s the recap of our summer 17!

1. Got our grub on at the food truck rally

2. Got all access to some cool places with Doors Open Halifax

3. Sipped some wine on the Wolfville Magic Winery Bus Tour

4. Had a splash at our local outdoor pool (was so nice we did it twice)

5. Viewed the Parade of Sail from the best vantage point (inside and air-conditioned office on the top floor of Purdys wharf)

6. Enjoyed the amazing performances at the Nova Scotia International Military Tattoo

7. Took in the Tall Ships fireworks from our rooftop deck at home

8. Got a cool history lesson from a trip to George’s Island.

9. Watched a few of the performers at the Buskers Festival and strolled along the boardwalk (and new sea bridge) while enjoying some yummy cow’s ice cream.

10. Listened to familiar reggae music at the Halifax Jazz Festival

11. Got our aviation fix at Airshow Atlantic (coming to Sherwater in 2018)!

So that’s the round up. Looking back we did alot! We’re heading to the valley for apple picking this weekend. Im thinking of doing a fall bucket list, so stay tuned for upcoming blog posts with pics of all our excursions!

Have any cool ideas for me to try this fall? Then leave a comment below!
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