Battle with the bottle

There are a million stories be of moms struggling to breastfeed. So when I had my little one I prayed that breastfeeding would go well. It’s been five months and it’s safe to say my prayers have been answered. Both me and baby got the hang of it, and easily settled into a routine. A sleep deprived routine, but a routine non the less.

Then came time to start leaving home with baby. Time to try the bottle I thought. I followed all the advice I’d gotten and waited until baby successfully breastfeed for a while before trying her with a bottle. My first attempt failed, she made the worse face when the plastic nipple touched her lips. I tried and tried but she just hated it. So I stopped. Continue reading “Battle with the bottle”


First summer outing with baby

The weather is good so it’s time to start checking things of my summer bucket list. This year we plan to take full advantage of the sunshine and plan as many outdoor activities as possible.

This weekend we kicked things off with an out of town adventure. A quick one hour drive away to the valley. Our Canada day celebrations took us to Wolfville, Nova Scotia. More specifically, a winery tour.

We arrived at the information desk to see a british style, double decker bus parked out front. We signed in and got our passes and boarded the magic winery bus. Continue reading “First summer outing with baby”

Parents Resource Guide |Halifax, Nova Scotia Edition

The most factual saying I’ve heard about parenting is… “it takes a village to raise a child”. It literally does. But what happens if your “village” is far away? Like in another country. What if you don’t have a village at all? Suppose your village doesn’t have all the answers? That’s where the Baby Binder comes in handy!

The Baby Binder is your “mommy manual”. It’s a collection of checklists and guides to help you navigate becoming a parent.

While each week’s blog post focuses on a different topic and has a free Baby Binder Checklist download; this week is a bit more specific. For my parents in Halifax Nova Scotia, this one is for you. A parents resource guide for new moms (and dad’s) in the HRM. Continue reading “Parents Resource Guide |Halifax, Nova Scotia Edition”

How to plan the best baby shower

Baby showers are the best! Loved ones gathered together to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy. Food, gifts and an all around good time are the elements that make for a great baby shower.

The Baby Binder is here to give you the steps to plan and execute an amazing event. Nothing too over the top, just practical planning!

To keep things simple, there are three main time frames to consider: before, on the day and after. Ill highlight the important points and in include a detailed planner checklist at the end of this post. Continue reading “How to plan the best baby shower”