What to pack in your hospital bag |For labor and delivery

You’re pregnant, and in a few months (or weeks) you’ll be heading to the hospital to deliver. Nothing can truly prepare you for everything that is to come, but, you can plan ahead as much as possible to avoid added anxiety. Packing your hospital bag is one of those things that you can check off your mom-to-be to do list way in advance of your due date.

If this is your first child, don’t feel left out if you don’t know what to pack in your hospital bag. The Baby Binder has tons of easy to use checklists to get it done, simply and quickly.

Pack your bag with a few key ideas in mind. Continue reading “What to pack in your hospital bag |For labor and delivery”

Free baby products! The Baby Binder teams up with The Baby Box Co

What’s better than free mommy checklists from The Baby Binder to keep you organized? How about more freebies? Yup, you read right! There is a completely easy (and legitimate) way to get freebies for baby. And who doesn’t want that? I personally benefited from this initiative and I want to pay it forward by sharing it with you!I got my free baby box and you can too!

So what’s a baby box and here can you get one? I’m here to answer all your questions.

The box is provided by the Baby Box Co. Their mission, to educate and equip parents with the knowledge of safe sleep practices for baby. “The Baby Box Co., inspired by a Finnish tradition, is an innovative, integrated program equipping parents with education and resources to give their babies a safe start in life”. Continue reading “Free baby products! The Baby Binder teams up with The Baby Box Co”

What to pack in baby’s diaper bag

Hooray! You’re making plans to go out, good for you. Whether it’s a quick trip to the supermarket or a couple hours running errands, you’ll need to pack a bag for baby.

So what should you pack in a diaper bag? Well that depends on two key factors; where you’re going and for how long. Once you’ve figured that out, add or subtract items as you see fit, depending on how long you plan to be away from home and the duration of your stay.

Well this goes without saying, but first you’ll need an actual bag. Diaper bags range from very basic to elaborate designer handbags, the choice is yours. My tip is to go for utility first, and style second. Opt for one with several compartments, interior and exterior pockets and a fabric that can be wiped clean. Continue reading “What to pack in baby’s diaper bag”

Top newborn must haves 

Image result for must haves

There are a few products that I feel makes life that much easier when you’re a new parent. I’ve compiled a quick list of my top newborn must haves. I use the items on a daily basis, and they help make the life of a sleep deprived mom of a newborn a little bit easier.

Image result for playtex diaper geniePlaytex Diaper Genie

The diaper genie, is as it’s name suggests. A simply magical solution to dirty diapers. With one step on the foot pedal, that late night poopy diaper is down the shoot and out of your way. The carbon filter ensures the smell is non existent. Get a diaper genie, you’ll thank me later.

Image result for munchkin wipes warmerMunchkin Wipes Warmer

No one wants to be cold, babies are no different. So instead of freaking out a half asleep newborn with a cold wet wipe, use a warm one. The munchkin wipes warmer is a simple solution to help make diaper changing a more comfortable experience for baby. Continue reading “Top newborn must haves “

Best pregnancy and baby apps

Apps help us navigate the world we live in. So for pregnancy and baby the same is true. Mobile applications can be put to good use to help you as an expectant or new mom manage all the changes. Downloading and using a pregnancy and/or baby app will allow you to organize your life more conveniently.

There a quite a few apps available for both apple and android devices. I’ve tried a few and have compiled this quick cheat sheet of some of the ones I used personally that help me stay on top of things as a new mom.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard all the things you need to track or monitor during your pregnancy and after baby is born. Well even if you haven’t, there’s an app for that! The good pregnancy and baby apps provide you with a plethora of information to guide you from day one of your pregnancy through your baby’s first year. Get expert advice and answers to your questions, sign up and access online communities with moms. The features and options are endless. So browse the many pregnancy and baby apps available and choose the one that works best for you. As a general guide, here are my top apps to keep you on track. Continue reading “Best pregnancy and baby apps”

Celebrate and commemorate your baby bump

Before you know it, your baby will be here and your baby bump will be gone. One of the ways to make the memories of your pregnancy journey last is to commemorate your belly. Here are a few options for you to choose from. Make it your own, have fun, and make a memory that reflects your personal style.


You can have your belly painted! Choose a design and colors that make that belly pop. The options are endless. Anything from a detailed masterpiece, to a funny emoji and everything in between. Just remember to use non toxic paint, and ensure you are in  a well ventilated area during the process.

Belly Cast

Belly casts are now available in DIY kits and seem pretty simple to use. Doing a pregnancy cast allows you to have a have a tangible keepsake. Once complete, your belly cast can then be painted  and used as decor, placed in a special area of your home. Continue reading “Celebrate and commemorate your baby bump”

Welcome to The Baby Binder!

Welcome to The Baby Binder!

If you’re looking for practical parenting advice for pregnancy, baby and beyond, then you’re in the right place!

Babies don’t come with a manual (unfortunately). Lucky for you, I created The Baby Binder; a resource that will keep you right on track with helpful tips, practical advice and a lot of fun ideas to make it through your first trimester to those toddler years and beyond.

The Baby Binder is here to help make sense of it all. Just found out you are pregnant? Planning a baby shower for a loved one? Never heard about the period of purple crying? The Baby Binder is full of information aimed at sharing knowledge, ideas and advice.

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